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The Beauty of Logs and Limbs married together to make a
functional piece of art has caught my eye for many years. The first
piece I made many moons ago I still have today.  It is a coffee
table with a walnut slab, hickory legs and bark still attached for the
true rustic appeal.  It remains on my front porch even to this day,
waiting for my feet this afternoon.

Like pieces of a puzzle I search for the perfect  logs and limbs with
its own character, knots, burls and beauty marks.                    
Each piece is hand selected for the beauty that it will bring for
generations to come....
Slabs with the natural edge on the head boards and foot boards
add a uniqueness in their own way. The slabs used for
headboards/footboards as well as the post can be carved or left
as is.

All pieces have a Hand Rubbed Satin Finish that are begging to
be touched.


Roark Phillips ,